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  • Fiction, memoir, or personal essay

  • One piece, up to 1200 words (in fact, shorter is often better)


  • Any medium (physical, digital, photography, etc)

What We Are Looking For

We want good stories. More than that, we want unique stories that tell us something new about our relationship with the environment, i.e not a bunch of stereotypical dystopias. We value optimism and innovative ideas. This could be through absurdism, cultural identity, and more. We want stories to be bold and unapologetic. Be concise: throw the majority of your adverbs in the trash. The recycling bin, I mean.

Most importantly, the environment or an environmental topic should play a central role in your piece.

We want previously unpublished pieces. We appreciate mature themes, but do not want excessive use of cursing, gore, or explicit content. We will not promote hatred toward any identity group.

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